Halloween Candy – OH NO!

Hi everybody,

I am sure you noticed that Halloween is not far away. Every store you go there is a huge display of Halloween HalloweenCandy. Every kid that passes by these display shelves is drawn to the candy like a fly to a spider 🙂

And I admit, I used to be too. All those colorful sugary sweet candies in those cute shapes – ghosts, pumpkins, cats, frogs, witches, spiders….. you name it.

Why would a kid not be drawn to it?

Halloween CandySo what do you do? If you have kids of your own, you have to let them go tick-or-treat. So by the end of the evening they have a bag full of “sugar”. Just the thought of all the sugar highs is overwhelming. You have to find a solution.

One idea would be to donate this bag of candy to a shelter or hospital – I know, it is just enforcing a bad sugar habit in other kids. But I am someone that just cannot throw away food. So, giving it away is better than throwing it out. They can also take it to school and let the other kids have it, or give it to the teacher for using the candy as prizes.

St NicolasWhen I grew up we were much luckier. Even we did not have Halloween where I grew up in Austria, we had St Nicolas coming on the 6th of December with gifts. But our basket was filled with nuts, fruit (oranges, mandarins), and maybe a chocolate St Nick. That was not so bad.

I wish we could do that here for Halloween too. I would make a little bag for everyone with a fruit, some nuts and maybe a small chocolate. But I am almost sure that that would not go over very well with the children.

So I guess we are left with candy – candy – candy

And making your own candy and cookies is not going to work when you live in the city. Nobody would take anything home made from a stranger. When we were living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland I did make my own candy and cup cakes and the kids loved them.

But now living in the city, you just end up with store bought candy that has not just sugar, but a ton of artificial Halloween Basketcolrs and additives.

So, if you have kids and want them to be healthy, just make your own colorful candy, cookies and cup cakes. And give away the candy they collected during trick-or-treat.

Have a nice evening and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂


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