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Here you will find my reviews of books, buying experiences and items I buy and have bought. Padernp Spiralizer

I read a lot of books and look at a lot of websites and sometimes my opinions really differ. And instead of writing a review or comment, I just forget about it.

So this will be a good space to write about Paleo books I have read, or books about the dangers of GMO’s, or books about Gluten Free recipes.

Lose your wheat belly cookbook
Maybe I will once in a while slip in a funny book I read, or book by my favorite authors 🙂Angela Pepper - Death of a Dapper Snowman

I will also include reviews about buying experiences of my cooking ingredients and the quality of the items I received.

So stay tuned and hopefully you will find some reviews helpful.


Review Categories


Baking utensils and ingredients for Paleo and Gluten-Free dishes and where to buy them


Some special cooking instruments that makes it easier following a Paleo and/or Gluten Free life style

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