Do you know where your steak comes from?

If you buy a steak, do you know where your piece of meat comes from?


Hello everybody,

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Today in the Tyrolean newspaper there was an article that explains how meat is labeled in Austria. All animals get an “earring” Meat Origin by almostpaleo.orgwhen they are born and a passport. From birth to the meat packer everything is documented. Everything is controlled, all the way down to what the animal eats. Every animal has a number and consumers can look up that number and see on which farm it was born and raised and in which plant it was slaughtered.

The label on the right shows you that information for pieces of turkey breast.

Aufgezogen = Raised: Italy

Geschlachtet = Slaughtered: Italy

WE-Number = Number: 8700607

And a bar code to check on your piece of meat.

This is not just for consumer information, but also in case there is something wrong with the meat, they can check the from the farm to the store.

Why can’t we do that in America? Why is everything hidden and the consumer kept in the dark? There is no reason for that unless the big corporations have something to hide.

So the bottom line here is that in Austria you have a chance of getting a good piece of meat. I have no problem going into a store and buying meat, because I can find out and know where my steak is coming from. When I go to the grocery store in Miami, I can buy organic meat and hope the animal was raised under organic standards.

Knowing where your food comes from should not be a secret, be it meat or any other kind of food. But as long as our Senators are against the Right to Know, big corporations win and we lose.

Once I get back I will once more buy fruits and vegetables at the farmers market and meat only organic. If more and more people could stop buying processed foods, we would get the message across that we do not want GMO, tons of sugar, artificial flavors and colors in our food. I understand that it is expensive t buy organic, but for me, I do not have to have meat every day, so once in a while I can afford the higher price of organic meat.

I do want to know where my steak comes from and maybe you do too.

Have a great weekend!


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