Silicone 12 cup Muffin Pan

I bought this Silicone 12 Cup Muffin Pan by Mister Kitchenware quite some time ago and it is one of my favorites.

Normally I make 12 muffins out of the batter and these are just big enough to be only filled about 3/4 of the way. So there is no spillage anywhere when the muffins rise.
Silicone Muffin Pan

The Silicone Muffin Cups are easy to clean and the muffins come out in one piece without getting stuck. Which does not always happen in a regular muffin form, even non-stick forms can have muffins stuck to them.

I do not like to use paper inserts for muffins, so this is perfect for me. I never grease them, or dust them with coconut flour. For me it is not necessary.

Cleaning is very simple with hot water and dishwashing liquid. I have not put my silicone forms in the dishwasher, so I do not know how they hold up.

Please let me know in the comments, if you have bought the Silicone 12 cup Muffin Pans and have different experiences.


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  1. Evi

    Hi Karin,
    I love to bake and have an assortment of silicon muffin pans. All of them worked fine at first use but then I made the mistake to put some of them in the dishwasher! Great mistake – the next time I used them, bread (gluten free) and muffins got stuck. So I am with you and highly recommend to wash them by hand.

    Looking forward to more recipes and reviews

    1. Karin (Post author)

      Hi Evi,
      Yes, I know the feeling. Silicone just does not like the dishwasher. But even if you hand wash the forms, from some of them it is very hard to remove the baked goods in one piece.
      Or if you don’t use them frequently. I have one form I use for small breads. After I did not make breads for a few of months, a couple of my mini breads got stuck in the form.
      So I recommend hand washing them and using them frequently. If it has been a while since you used the form, give it a quick rub down with some coconut oil before you fill in the dough.
      Thanks for stopping by and I am looking forward to seeing you around


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