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Yes my dear readers,

I went back today to LA Fitness today and got in the pool for AquaFit. It felt really good. But remember, the last time I came away with a very itchy rash. So this time I took a few precautions.

Very green bananas at

Very Green Bananas

First, when I was still home, I creamed my body really well. Once I got to the pool, I showered well and then I was in the pool only the 50 minutes the course lasted. I did not linger or swim more than that.

I immediately went to the showers and used my own shampoo and organic body wash. After drying off I immediately put baby oil on my skin and got dressed.

Once I got home I used a very heavy cream to cover my skin. And so far, the skin feels great and there is no itching.

I think the major problem is that the water dries out your skin so bad that it has no moisture left. On top of that we always went early to the AquaFit lessons. So we swam before at least 45 minutes and then after sometimes another 30 minutes. So that alone dries out the skin.

And in the shower I used to use the shampoo/body wash they had installed there. And that was probably drying my skin out even more.

So by using my own shampoo and body wash and creaming my skin really well afterwards, I should be good to go.

Let’s see, I will keep you updated and cross your fingers for me that it works.

After a lot of shopping we came home around 12pm and I made a nice salad with different greens, tomatoes, onions and peppers. I also grilled some organic sausages.

For desert we had, you guessed it – mango. Yes, one of our fellow swimmers has mango trees in his garden and when my husband takes him home we always get mangos. Today it was 4 mangos and 2 coconuts.

The only fruit I am missing is Lychees. I just love them and I used to have 2 huge trees. Now I have to buy them, but they are really hard to find. A couple weeks ago my husband went to a location where they sold lychees, so we have to check with them, if there are some left.

Other than that we have lots of grapes my husband bought at Aldi’s and some mandarines.

Oh, and let me not forget – some really really green bananas. I got home last Wednesday and they were hanging on the fruit basket – green as can be. And today, well, they are still green as can be.

I have never seen bananas that did not turn yellow eventually – I even had banana trees myself. But those bananas are a mystery to me.

I put them now with an apple and hope that they will turn into edible bananas soon – so I can make mango banana icecream 🙂

Anyway, I wish you all a great week and talk to you soon.

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