We Eat What Our Meat Eats

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When we go to the store we look at all the meat selections. If we are able we select organic meat, and if that is not Steakavailable, we choose USDA Certified.

But do we ask ourselves the question what our meat eats? Just think about it: We eat what our meat eats!

Now, if it is organic meat we hope that the animal was raised on a pasture and did not get genetically modified food to eat. We trust that the animal was healthy and was well cared for.

Not so with conventional meat. We know that animals are kept on huge farms and most likely have never seen or tasted grass. They are fed GMO corn, which is an unnatural food for a cow, besides being laden with pesticides.

Once the cow goes to the butcher, it is a mass slaughter house and all animals are mixed up, no matter if the animal Food Inc
was healthy or sick. I don’t know if you have seen Food, Inc.
This movie is worth watching. It will forever change the way you look at meat.


There is also a very good article in todays’ newsletter from Dr. Mercola, titled:

Conventional Ground Beef Is Three Times More Likely to Contain Antibiotic-Resistant Fecal Bacteria Than Grass-Fed Beef

Read the article here:



BeefSo besides buying organic if it is available, my rule of thumb is: As long as you stay with steak, you know at least it was only one animal you were eating, and you can hope it was not sick.

But once you buy ground beef, you might be eating a mixture of 100’s of animals. That is one scary thought when you consider that we eat what our meat eats.

Now, who does not like to eat a burger. I know I do 🙂 If there is no organic ground beef around, I go to the butcher, choose a piece of meat and ask him to grind it up for me (- I really should one day invest in a meat grinder 🙂 ) – but that way I know I am eating ground beef from only one cow and not countless cows.

So next time you think about that steak or burger, remember: We eat what our meat eats!

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