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Nordkette InnsbruckMy dear readers,

I have now been a whole week in Birgitz/Austria and the food here is so much better and it is so much easier to eat Healthy Almost Paleo Food!

The stores here have a very nice selection in every food group and the vegetables are more seasonal than we have in Miami. When you look at the vegetable section in a supermarket here in Birgitz you hardly have anything that comes from far away – vegetables come from farmers that are fairly close and are Non GMO. You can find a lot of organic vegetables and fruits in the regular supermarket.Speck und Landjaeger

They also have a selection of meats that you cannot find in America, like different Salamis and my favorites Landjaeger and Bacon – but there is no comparison to the American bacon. Here you get a bacon that is smoked and almost completely red – there is hardly any fat on a piece of bacon. You cannot get bacon like this in America. The closest would be prosciutto. Just look at the picture to the right – a plate of Bacon, Landjaeger, Cheese and homemade flax bread.

FireplaceBesides eating delicious food we spend time outside and in the afternoon inside in front of the fire – it is already fall and the weather is beautiful, but quite chilly 🙂

In the evening my sister and I work on some craft projects, like little angels crochet out of yarn, or little candle flowers Serlesmade out of an led light with paper flowers around – pictures will follow 🙂

We also have tons of yarn to make some socks and shawls and all kinds of different projects. So as you can see, we keep quite busy.

JuliettaMy husband keeps me updated with pictures from home – especially from my little kitty, which he spoils like crazy 🙂

So my dear readers, until next time…..



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