Happy Easter

Easter Bunny

Happy Easter everybody!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and can spend it with your families.

In Europe everybody is off Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Here in the US people are not so lucky. People have to work even on Easter Sunday and other holidays.

Money is much more important than family. Were I am from, there are no stores that are open 24 hours. There are no stores open on holidays. Stores close Saturday at noon or latest in the afternoon and do not open until Monday. Family is worth more than profit.

I do not blame just the businesses, but also the consumers. Why do they have to go to the store on a holiday? There is no reason for that. Stay home and enjoy a day off with your family. If everybody would do that, employees of the stores that are open could also stay home and have a family day.

So this is a two edged sword. If there are no consumers shopping, businesses would not be open. Until the consumer changes his ways this will not get better.

It is no wonder that there are so many people with health issues. They work long hours, 6 days a week and hardly get any vacation. People are always rushing and not eating right. I work next to a McDonalds and once school is out you see tons of moms that picked up there kids going to McDonalds. Why not cook something at home? Waiting in line for an unhealthy meal? They could spend that time preparing something at home.

But nobody has time anymore. Eventually we are going to have to slow down. This frantic pace is not going to hold up forever.

So today, take the time and spend a relaxing day with your family. Stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Happy Easter,


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