Food rotting away – don’t let it!

Hi everybody,

We have all been there. When we open the refrigerator and look down into the vegetable drawer there are some things lurking in the shadows – hidden away behind fresh green salads and zucchini there is a poor bag of already soft and bendable carrots, half a head of brownish cauliflower and a slightly moldy broccoli….. Food rotting away…..

I know this sounds terrible and disgusting, and I try not to let that happen. But sometimes my drawers are so full with vegetables that I forget some poor vegetable buried somewhere.

In general I try to use everything I buy, even if it means to stuff my freezer full of vegetable soup, which we thankfully love to eat.

Which brings me to my bananas my husband brought last week.

I have a fruit basket with a banana hanger and Banana Peanut Butter Coconut Flour Muffinsthere they stay and stay and stay….. Ok when he brought them home, they were between yellow and still a bit green. Then they started to become more yellow and then they sprouted brown spots….

Now let me say one thing here. If I want to eat my bananas, I like them yellow. But for cooking and baking I want them soft with brown spots. Especially if I make banana peanut butter muffins in the microwave for a quick dessert. If they are too yellow and hard, I have to stick them in the microwave, before I can mash them to make the muffins. So being soft is perfect for baking. You can also freeze them and when you thaw them out they are usually pretty mushy – perfect for baking 🙂

But sometimes they sit there and sit there…. you get the point….

My husband also brought grapes, which we had to eat before they go bad – so my bananas were abandoned until yesterday. I walked in the kitchen to wash the dishes after lunch and saw those poor bananas. I had 2 choices – peel and put in the freezer – or bake something with them.

When I pulled out my huge collection of recipes, I realized that I only had a tiny bit of almond flour left. But I had a 5lb bag of coconut flour.

SO…… There was a coconut flour pumpkin recipe I used to make often and I thought…. hmmmm, let’s switch the pumpkin with banana and the cream cheese with peanut butter – and there were born the Banana Peanut Butter Coconut Flour Muffins.

My very valuable taste tester (=husband) highly approved of this concoction – so I will share this recipe with you. Click on this link for a tasty treat that is easy, quick and gluten free.



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