Easy Roasted Chicken – delicious!

My dear readers,

Do you like Roasted Chicken? Yes??? Then I have a delicious Easy Roasted Chicken recipe for you.

I know I have not been writing in a while.  I was very busy training for a couple of jobs, which also does not leave me with a lot of time for cooking.

So I made my usual dish – Black Bean Chili, and I have ground beef in the refrigerator to make Zucchini Lasagne.

But my husband also brought a young organic chicken home from Aldi’s. I was looking for a quick recipe and found this delicious recipe from my favorite cook Alton Brown – http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/broiled-butterflied-chicken-recipe.html

As always, I altered the recipe to my taste and adjusted the cooking time and method.

For seasoning I used a Lemon/Pepper mix and Garlic/Sea Salt mix form Aldi’s and olive oil.

First I lined a deep backing pan with foil and put 2 lb of vegetables on the bottom.

I then washed and dried the chicken, cut the back bone out and opened the chicken.

After loosening the skin I mixed the spices with oil and rubbed them underneath the skin.

After oiling the top of the skin I laid it on the vegetables breast up and put it underneath the broiler (set on High) for 15-20 minutes – watch it, you don’t want the skin to burn.

Then turn around and broil the chicken for another 20 minutes.

I then turned the broiler off and put the oven to 375 F – baking the chicken for another 45 minutes.

Last time I tried it the way the recipe suggests, but my chicken was not done, so I decided that this time I will be baking it after I broiled the skin.

Let me tell you – what an Easy Roasted Chicken this recipe makes. The skin was crunchy-crisp and the chicken was moist and had an amazing flavor.

Now you are wondering – where are the pictures. Well…….. So sorry, I forgot to take them right after I took the chicken out and now there is only part of the chicken left 🙂 going to try to take a picture tomorrow –  it won’t be so pretty.

But I promise to make pictures the next time I make this delicious Easy Roasted Chicken, which won’t be for a while, because I will be visiting my family in Austria and leaving in a week. But I will update you from Austria with lot’s of pictures and recipes from my home country.

I hope you all have a great week,


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