Committed to Non-GMO foods but opposed to Labeling?

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Once again a company that is “so proud of  being Non-GMO verified” and boasting that all of their products will be Non-GMO verified by 2016, is in the news for selling cereal full of GMO’s and cancer causing glyphosate.

Who am I talking about? I am talking about Kashi, who is committed to Non-GMO foods but has in the past opposed to every proposition that would have required said foods to be labeled. Just check out the Cornucopia Institutes GMO Labeling Page:

How did I get on Kashi’s case? Well my husband wants to eat an energy bar in the morning for breakfast. I used to make them myself, but he was bound on buying them in the store. So he brought home a few different brands and we choose the ones that did the least damage: Ingredient list very short: Roasted Almonds, Roasted Peanuts, Seeds, Honey and Sea Salt. Nothing else.

But then he brought home Kashi bars and I read the label. Besides being a mile long list of ingredients, it also was a cereal bar, not just nuts. And right on point, that morning I got an email from Natural News titled: Kellogg’s Kashi cereal found to be full of GMO’s and cancer-causing glyphosate. Read the article here:

I always was under the impression that Kashi was it’s own company and did not know that they were bought by Kelloggs. I am still looking for verification, but on one of Kashi’s comment sites a customer asks about the article in Natural News and Kashi’s answer did not refute that Kelloggs was their parent company. So I guess it is true.

In any case, I like to prepare my own food as much as I can. And if I buy something already prepared, I definitely read the labels and if they have more than 5 ingredients and read like the Periodic Table, I try to stay away from it.

So if a company is committed to Non-GMO foods, but opposed to Labeling, I will not buy from that company. If profit and greed takes over natural and health products, than this company will not get my money.

Comments and questions are always appreciated 🙂

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