Back for Christmas in Miami

ChristmasHi everybody,

I am finally back home. My trip was long but very comfortable. I splurged on a Premium Economy seat in the A-380 from Lufthansa and it was sooooo worth it.

The flight was very quiet and there were just a few people in the section I was in. The food was delicious and I actually got some sleep.

Here are a couple pictures of the plane……

A-380 Lufthansa  A-380 Lufthansa Screen

….. you can see the inside of our plane and the screen in front of my seat. The plane was still parked at the gate. I love that you have 3 cameras to watch what is going on. I will add some more pictures from the flight in a future post.

Even I do not eat the pretzels I had to take a picture – they were so cute – little planes and clouds 🙂Lufthansa Pretzels

And here is the food….

Lunch in Lufthansa plane A-380                                                                               Lunch in Lufthansa Plane A-380

….. as you can see, we got china and not plastic dishes… even I did not eat the bread, spaetzle and cake, the food was delicious.

This is what we had as a snack in the afternoon, before we landed…

Snack in Lufthansa A-380

I hope you all are almost done with Christmas Shopping. I have finished and enjoy a little bit of quiet.

Have a great week


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